FROM WHITE WINGS     
                Passenger Sailing Ships from Henry Brett's
        "White Wings" with 200+ Available  Pictures
 of Ships
        mentioned in Vols. I & II of "White Wings".
              The Appendix of the Composite Volume
        Wings:Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1840-1902"),
        edited by Cyril R. Bradwell, lists the first arrivals of
        800+ sailing vessels at New Zealand ports. This list has
        been the starting point for the search for images.

        The images are in two parts - 100+ on this website and
        another 100+ - the ships of major shipping companies
        in the New Zealand trade at the time, are listed below
        and marked with an asterisk in the alphabetic index
        but are also listed in this website with the name of the
        company (for access) in:


         The ship images:
        Above image left side (ship's name, tonnage, port and
        date of first
arrival and name of ship master; followed
        by ship details from other sources in brackets.  
        Ship details:
        Contruction (w - wood, i - iron), Number of Masts and
        Rig (s - ship, b  - barque); Registered Gross Tonnage;
        Year of Construction; and Place of Construction.
        Ports (as displayed above): A - Auckland,  B - The Bluff,  
        D - Dunedin, L - Lyttelton, N - Nelson,   NA - Napier,  
        NP - New Plymouth,  PC - Port Chalmers, W - Wellington     

        Below image left side - creator (artist/photographer) if
        known  -
        Below right side - image source and reference number
        (if applicable)


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